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NFL Injuries - Week 1

NFL Injuries
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Arizona Cardinals

Date Player Pos Status
8/22 Mike IupatiGDay-to-Day (torn left meniscus)
8/21 Corey PetersDTRecent IR (torn left Achilles)
8/19 Brandon PersonSRecent IR (torn ACL)
8/19 Zack WagenmannLBRecent IR (fractured right foot)
8/7 John FullingtonGRecent IR (torn left ACL)

Atlanta Falcons

Date Player Pos Status
8/19 Tevin ColemanRBDay-to-Day (hamstring)
8/19 Devonta FreemanRBDay-to-Day (hamstring)
8/27 Evan RoysterRBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/13 Ricky HeimuliRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/8 Beau GardnerTERecent IR (knee)

Baltimore Ravens

Date Player Pos Status
8/19 Dennis PittaTEDay-to-Day (hip)
7/30 Cam WorthyWRRecent IR (foot)
5/29 Julian WilsonCBRecent IR (undisclosed)

Buffalo Bills

Date Player Pos Status
8/18 LeSean McCoyRBDay-to-Day (hamstring)
8/18 Ty PowellLBRecent IR (torn ACL)
8/18 Jarius WynnDERecent IR (ACL injury)
8/13 Clay BurtonTERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/13 Caleb HolleyWRRecent IR (hamstring)
8/11 Justin BrownWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
6/17 Deon BroomfieldSRecent IR (undisclosed)

Carolina Panthers

Date Player Pos Status
8/25 Star LotuleleiDTDay-to-Day (foot)
8/19 Kelvin BenjaminWRDay-to-Day (torn left ACL)
8/25 Frank AlexanderDERecent IR (torn right Achilles)
8/18 Jamie ChildersTERecent IR (broken arm)
8/3 Stephen HillWRRecent IR (torn right ACL)
6/17 Tyronne GreenGRecent IR (undisclosed)

Chicago Bears

Date Player Pos Status
8/19 Alshon JefferyWRDay-to-Day (calf)
8/15 Kevin WhiteWRDay-to-Day (leg stress fracture)
8/25 Jason WeaverTRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/7 Brian VoglerTERecent IR (foot)

Cincinnati Bengals

Date Player Pos Status
7/29 James WrightWRRecent IR (knee)

Cleveland Browns

Date Player Pos Status
8/13 Connor ShawQBDay-to-Day (right thumb surgery)
5/27 Keith PoughLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
5/15 Tory SlaterDERecent IR (undisclosed)

Dallas Cowboys

Date Player Pos Status
8/24 Cody ClayTRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/18 Ray VinopalSRecent IR (ankle)
8/13 Jason WilsonCBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/13 Chris WhaleyDTRecent IR (Achilles)
8/10 Will SmithLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/5 Reshod FortenberryTRecent IR (knee)
8/4 Justin JacksonLBRecent IR (torn ACL)
7/29 Cameron LawrenceLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
7/29 Ryan MillerTRecent IR (undisclosed)
7/28 Ryan WilliamsRBRecent IR (undisclosed)
5/27 Chris BoydWRRecent IR (undisclosed)

Denver Broncos

Date Player Pos Status
8/20 Emmanuel SandersWRDay-to-Day (hamstring)
8/20 Marvin Austin Jr.Recent IR (groin)
8/4 Connor RainsTRecent IR (foot)
8/3 Kyle WilliamsWRRecent IR (Achilles)
5/29 Ryan CladyTRecent IR (torn left ACL)

Detroit Lions

Date Player Pos Status
8/26 Joique BellRBDay-to-Day (knee)
8/25 Kevin SnyderLBRecent IR (hand)
8/24 Jordan ThompsonTERecent IR (left knee)
8/18 Darren KeytonCRecent IR (knee)
8/11 David AusberryTERecent IR (undisclosed)

Green Bay Packers

Date Player Pos Status
8/23 Jordy NelsonWRDay-to-Day (torn right ACL)

Houston Texans

Date Player Pos Status
8/7 Arian FosterRBDay-to-Day (groin)

Indianapolis Colts

Date Player Pos Status
8/18 Cody GaleaLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
5/27 Josh MitchellCBRecent IR (undisclosed)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Date Player Pos Status
8/15 Johnathan CyprienSDay-to-Day (broken finger)
8/14 Julius ThomasTEDay-to-Day (left hand)
8/8 T.J. YeldonRBDay-to-Day (sprained finger left hand)
8/25 Damian CopelandWRRecent IR (shoulder)
8/25 Brennan WilliamsTRecent IR (left knee)
8/24 Arrelious BennWRRecent IR (broken left collarbone)
8/11 Matt RobinsonLBRecent IR (hamstring)

Kansas City Chiefs

Date Player Pos Status
8/17 Eric FisherTDay-to-Day (ankle)
5/21 L'Damian WashingtonWRRecent IR (undisclosed)

Miami Dolphins

Date Player Pos Status
8/25 Louis DelmasSRecent IR (torn right ACL)
8/17 Tommy StreeterWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/12 Shamiel GarySRecent IR (shoulder)
5/19 Demitrius BronsonRBRecent IR (undisclosed)

Minnesota Vikings

Date Player Pos Status
8/20 Carter BykowskiTDay-to-Day (torn pectoral muscle)
8/18 Phil LoadholtTRecent IR (torn left Achilles)
8/17 Gavin LutmanWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
7/26 Casey MatthewsLBRecent IR (hip)

New England Patriots

Date Player Pos Status
8/28 Jake BequetteTERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/25 Brian TymsWRRecent IR (foot)
8/24 Brandon GibsonWRRecent IR (knee)
8/13 Tyler GaffneyRBRecent IR (knee)
8/5 A.J. DerbyTERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/4 Kevin HughesTRecent IR (undisclosed)

New Orleans Saints

Date Player Pos Status
8/21 Kevin BrockTERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/18 Lawrence VirgilRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/8 Jack TabbTERecent IR (leg)
8/5 Justin AndersonLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
7/28 Mike BrewsterCRecent IR (undisclosed)
5/22 Andy TannerWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
5/19 Malcome KennedyWRRecent IR (undisclosed)

New York Giants

Date Player Pos Status
8/25 Victor CruzWRDay-to-Day (calf)
8/23 Bennett JacksonSDay-to-Day (torn right ACL)
8/22 Jon BeasonLBDay-to-Day (knee sprain)
8/14 Landon CollinsSDay-to-Day (knee)
8/25 Tony JohnsonLBRecent IR (sprained knee)
8/25 Justin CurrieSRecent IR (fractured right ankle)
8/16 Mykkele ThompsonSRecent IR (Achilles)
8/8 Chris HarperWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/3 Brad HarrahDERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/1 Ben EdwardsWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
7/16 Marcus HarrisWRRecent IR (undisclosed)

New York Jets

Date Player Pos Status
8/15 Jace AmaroTEDay-to-Day (sprained shoulder)
8/11 Geno SmithQBDay-to-Day (broken jaw)
8/26 Davon WallsDERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/8 Antonio AllenSRecent IR (Achilles)
8/3 Matt LaCosseTERecent IR (undisclosed)
6/17 Zach SudfeldTERecent IR (torn ACL)

Oakland Raiders

Date Player Pos Status
8/27 Chase WilliamsLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
6/5 Jacoby HaleLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
6/4 Andre DeboseWRRecent IR (Achilles)

Philadelphia Eagles

Date Player Pos Status
8/21 Marcus SmithLBDay-to-Day (hamstring)
8/25 Wade KeliikipiDTRecent IR (right foot sprain)
8/19 Jordan DeWalt-OndijoLBRecent IR (ankle)
8/17 Brandon HepburnLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/17 B.J. McBrydeDERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/11 Frances MaysDERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/5 Travis LongLBRecent IR (torn left ACL)

Pittsburgh Steelers

Date Player Pos Status
8/25 David NelsonWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/25 Bruce GradkowskiQBRecent IR (dislocated finger on left hand)
8/14 Cameron StingilyRBRecent IR (torn meniscus right knee)
8/12 Devin GardnerQBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/12 Shaun SuishamKRecent IR (torn left ACL)
8/9 Isaiah LewisSRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/7 Clifton GeathersDERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/7 Rob BlanchflowerTERecent IR (undisclosed)
8/6 Eli RogersWRRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/3 Ross ScheuermanRBRecent IR (undisclosed)
6/19 Micah HatchieTRecent IR (torn left Achilles)

San Diego Chargers

Date Player Pos Status
8/8 Ben BeckwithGRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/4 Tenny PalepoiDTRecent IR (fractured foot)

San Francisco 49ers

Date Player Pos Status
8/7 Ben GottschalkCRecent IR (foot)

Seattle Seahawks

Date Player Pos Status
8/14 Chris MatthewsWRDay-to-Day (shoulder)
8/24 Kona SchwenkeGRecent IR (torn ACL)
6/16 Ryan RobinsonDERecent IR (Achilles)

St. Louis Rams

Date Player Pos Status
8/17 E.J. GainesCBDay-to-Day (foot)
8/24 Isiah FergusonWRRecent IR (knee)
6/5 Bud SasserWRRecent IR (undisclosed)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Date Player Pos Status
8/12 Quinton AlstonLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
5/21 Emmanuel OgbuehiTERecent IR (undisclosed)

Tennessee Titans

Date Player Pos Status
8/24 Jason McCourtyCBDay-to-Day (groin)
8/11 Curtis RileyCBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/9 Connor NeighborsRBRecent IR (broken forearm)
8/7 Cody PrewittSRecent IR (undisclosed)
7/30 Dorin DickersonTERecent IR (Achilles)
6/9 Brandon HarrisCBRecent IR (knee)

Washington Redskins

Date Player Pos Status
8/29 Junior GaletteLBDay-to-Day (torn left Achilles)
8/21 Robert Griffin IIIQBDay-to-Day (concussion)
8/22 Adam HaywardLBRecent IR (torn right ACL)
8/18 Silas Redd Jr.RBRecent IR (torn right ACL, MCL)
8/17 Trevardo WilliamsLBRecent IR (undisclosed)
8/17 Niles PaulTERecent IR (fractured, dislocated ankle)
8/17 Logan PaulsenTERecent IR (turf toe)
5/19 James GayleLBRecent IR (undisclosed)

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