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New England Patriots (12-4)


Date Player Status
2/1 B. Stork knee (Probable)
2/1 A. Ayers knee (Probable)
2/1 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
2/1 D. Hightower shoulder (Probable)
2/1 C. Jones elbow (Probable)
2/1 D. Revis not injury related (Probable)
2/1 S. Siliga foot (Probable)
1/18 B. Stork knee (Out)
1/18 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
1/18 B. Browner knee (Probable)
1/18 D. Hightower shoulder (Probable)
1/18 C. Jones elbow (Probable)
1/18 B. LaFell shoulder, toe (Probable)
1/10 J. Edelman concussion (Probable)
1/10 J. Gray ankle (Probable)
1/10 B. LaFell shoulder, toe (Probable)
1/10 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
12/28 J. Gray ankle (Out)
12/28 D. Aiken finger (Questionable)
12/28 K. Arrington hamstring (Questionable)
12/28 L. Blount shoulder (Questionable)
12/28 B. Browner groin (Questionable)
12/28 J. Collins hip (Questionable)
12/28 D. Connolly knee (Questionable)
12/28 J. Edelman thigh, concussion (Questionable)
12/28 C. Fleming ankle (Questionable)
12/28 D. Hightower shoulder (Questionable)
12/28 C. Jones hip (Questionable)
12/28 B. LaFell shoulder (Questionable)
12/28 R. Ninkovich heel (Questionable)
12/28 S. Vereen ankle (Questionable)
12/28 S. Vollmer back (Questionable)
12/28 C. White ankle (Questionable)
12/28 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
12/27 A. Dennard hamstring (IR)
12/21 D. Aiken finger (Questionable)
12/21 K. Arrington hamstring (Questionable)
12/21 L. Blount shoulder (Questionable)
12/21 D. Connolly knee (Questionable)
12/21 J. Edelman thigh, concussion (Questionable)
12/21 C. Fleming ankle (Questionable)
12/21 D. Hightower shoulder (Questionable)
12/21 C. Jones hip (Questionable)
12/21 B. LaFell shoulder (Questionable)
12/21 R. Ninkovich heel (Questionable)
12/21 S. Vereen ankle (Questionable)
12/21 C. White ankle (Questionable)
12/21 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
12/17 D. Easley knee (IR)
12/14 D. Easley knee (Out)
12/14 D. Connolly ankle (Questionable)
12/14 J. Edelman thigh (Questionable)
12/14 C. Fleming ankle (Questionable)
12/14 D. Hightower shoulder (Questionable)
12/14 C. Jones hip (Questionable)
12/14 B. LaFell shoulder (Questionable)
12/14 R. Ninkovich heel (Questionable)
12/14 S. Vereen ankle (Questionable)
12/14 C. White ankle (Questionable)
12/14 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
12/7 C. White ankle (Doubtful)
12/7 D. Aiken concussion (Questionable)
12/7 K. Arrington ankle (Questionable)
12/7 D. Connolly ankle (Questionable)
12/7 D. Easley knee (Questionable)
12/7 J. Edelman thigh (Questionable)
12/7 C. Fleming ankle (Questionable)
12/7 D. Hightower shoulder (Questionable)
12/7 C. Jones hip (Questionable)
12/7 B. LaFell shoulder (Questionable)
12/7 S. Vereen ankle (Questionable)
12/7 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
12/7 M. Cannon hip (Probable)
12/4 A. Dobson hamstring (IR)
11/30 D. Aiken concussion (Questionable)
11/30 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
11/30 M. Cannon hip (Probable)
11/30 D. Connolly ankle (Questionable)
11/30 D. Easley knee (Questionable)
11/30 J. Edelman thigh (Probable)
11/30 C. Fleming ankle, finger (Questionable)
11/30 C. Jones hip (Questionable)
11/30 B. LaFell shoulder (Questionable)
11/30 S. Vereen ankle (Questionable)
11/30 C. White ankle (Questionable)
11/23 C. Fleming ankle, finger (Out)
11/23 C. Jones hip (Out)
11/23 M. Cannon hip (Questionable)
11/23 D. Easley knee (Questionable)
11/23 N. Ebner finger (Questionable)
11/23 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
11/23 J. Edelman thigh (Probable)
11/16 C. Jones hip (Out)
11/16 D. Easley knee (Questionable)
11/16 N. Ebner finger (Questionable)
11/16 C. Fleming finger (Questionable)
11/16 R. Wendell knee (Questionable)
11/16 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
11/16 M. Slater shoulder (Probable)
11/2 C. Jones hip (Out)
11/2 D. Easley knee (Questionable)
11/2 N. Ebner finger (Questionable)
11/2 C. Fleming finger (Questionable)
11/2 M. Slater shoulder (Questionable)
11/2 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
11/2 B. Browner ankle (Probable)
10/26 C. Jones hip (Out)
10/26 D. Connolly concussion (Questionable)
10/26 D. Easley shoulder, knee (Questionable)
10/26 N. Ebner finger (Questionable)
10/26 C. Fleming finger (Questionable)
10/26 M. Slater shoulder (Questionable)
10/26 B. Stork concussion (Questionable)
10/26 S. Vereen illness (Questionable)
10/26 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
10/26 B. Browner ankle (Probable)
10/26 J. Collins thigh (Probable)
10/26 D. Hightower knee (Probable)
10/26 D. McCourty rib (Probable)
10/16 N. Ebner finger (Out)
10/16 C. Fleming finger (Out)
10/16 J. Mayo knee (Out)
10/16 S. Ridley knee (Out)
10/16 B. Browner ankle (Questionable)
10/16 J. Collins thigh (Questionable)
10/16 D. Connolly concussion (Questionable)
10/16 D. Easley shoulder, knee (Questionable)
10/16 D. Hightower knee (Questionable)
10/16 M. Slater shoulder (Questionable)
10/16 B. Stork concussion (Questionable)
10/16 T. Brady ankle (Probable)
10/16 C. Jones shoulder (Probable)
10/16 D. McCourty rib (Probable)
10/16 J. Mayo torn right patellar tendon (IR)
10/16 S. Ridley torn right ACL, MCL (IR)
10/12 N. Ebner finger (Out)
10/12 C. Fleming finger (Out)
10/12 T. Brady ankle (Questionable)
10/12 B. Browner ankle (Questionable)
10/12 J. Collins thigh (Questionable)
10/12 D. Easley shoulder, knee (Questionable)
10/12 D. Hightower knee (Questionable)
10/12 M. Slater shoulder (Questionable)
10/12 B. Stork concussion (Questionable)
10/12 C. Jones shoulder (Probable)
10/12 D. McCourty rib (Probable)
10/12 J. Mayo knee (Day-to-Day)
10/12 S. Ridley knee (Day-to-Day)
10/6 M. Buchanan ankle (IR)
10/5 J. Collins thigh (Questionable)
10/5 A. Dennard shoulder (Questionable)
10/5 D. Easley knee (Questionable)
10/5 N. Ebner finger (Out)
10/5 C. Fleming finger (Out)
10/5 R. Gronkowski knee (Probable)
10/5 D. Hightower knee (Questionable)
10/5 C. Jones shoulder (Questionable)
9/29 M. Buchanan ankle (Probable)
9/29 J. Collins thigh (Probable)
9/29 D. Connolly foot (Probable)
9/29 A. Dennard shoulder (Probable)
9/29 R. Gronkowski knee (Probable)
9/29 D. Jones hamstring (Probable)
9/27 S. Siliga foot (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/21 M. Buchanan ankle (Questionable)
9/21 J. Collins thigh (Questionable)
9/21 A. Dennard shoulder (Questionable)
9/21 D. Jones hamstring (Questionable)
9/21 S. Vereen shoulder (Questionable)
9/21 R. Wendell knee (Questionable)
9/21 D. Connolly knee (Probable)
9/21 J. Edelman back (Probable)
9/21 R. Gronkowski knee (Probable)
9/21 S. Siliga hand (Probable)
9/14 M. Buchanan ankle (Out)
9/14 J. Collins thigh (Out)
9/14 C. Jones ankle (Questionable)
9/14 S. Siliga hand (Questionable)
9/14 R. Wendell knee (Out)
9/14 R. Gronkowski knee (Probable)
9/7 M. Buchanan ankle (Out)
9/7 C. Jones ankle (Out)
9/7 T. Brady calf (Questionable)
9/7 R. Gronkowski knee (Questionable)
9/7 S. Siliga hand (Questionable)
8/30 J. Morris knee (IR)
8/26 T. Gaffney knee (IR)
8/26 C. Gordon undisclosed (IR)
8/14 T. Miller undisclosed (IR)
7/28 G. Orton Achilles (IR)
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